Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Good-bye greys, so-long silvers!

Meet my new best friend... the Josh Wood Blending Wand.

Never thought I’d hear myself say this, but a couple of weeks on from my last colour appointment at the salon, I found myself actually willing my usually unwanted, and what I call, ‘natural silver highlights’ to begin their cruel onslaught.

So, have I decided to grow old gracefully and embrace the pesky little buggers? No, I certainly have not.  Don’t get me wrong, some ladies really rock the silver look and I think, cut into a chic bob or a cheeky pixie crop, it can look absolutely fabulous, it’s just not for me... not just yet.

Actually, the reason I’ve been looking forward to the appearance of my re-growth this time, is that I found a new product which I just couldn’t wait to try out.

Let me introduce you to the Josh Wood Blending Wand.  This little beauty is, apparently, a worldwide first and is most definitely a product I thought I would only ever encounter in my dreams.

It’s a non-permanent, instant colour that hides grey hairs and blends re-growth.  You can use it on wet or dry hair and it lasts for up to three shampoos. It comes in four shades - Light Blonde, Dark Blonde, Light Brown and Dark Brown (I went for the Light Brown) which can be easily blended into your own base colour - although I’m not sure how any of these shades would work if you’re a gorgeous red-head?!

Anyhow, sure as the Pope’s Catholic, my greys finally revealed themselves and I got to try this wonder product, which had the potential of being the answer to my prayers.  The excitement was almost unbearable, which should I try first... on wet hair, on dry hair?  Being a bit  a lot impatient, I couldn’t wait until hair-wash day (I only wash mine every two or three days and any further delay in getting acquainted with my potential new BFF would have been unbearable), so my first trial was on dry hair.

And what did I think?.. fabulous! Did exactly what it says on the tin (the shade was a little darker than expected, but my hair has so many tones it blended well anyway).   It was easy to apply too, just press the button a few times until a small amount of product appears on the perfectly sized brush, and you’re away. Smells quite nice too!

If you have a head full of silvers, this product is probably not for you.  However, if it’s just a parting or a scattering of re-growth you want to disguise in between salon visits, then look no further.

Be careful though when first applying, as the consistency is runnier than you may expect.  If you do spill, be sure to mop it up straight away as it does stain (surfaces, fabrics and skin!)

As well as no fuss application, this product is also no fuss purchase... I ordered mine on-line from Marks and Spencer and had it delivered to my nearest store for collection within 2 days. On top of that, at just £12.50 for 28ml, it's a no fuss price tag too... you just can't not try it!

Click here to view demo video and place your order... what are you waiting for?!

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