Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Touch of Teal… A Result of my Restlessness!

Ever fancy a bit of a change at home, but can’t afford (or be bothered) with a total re-vamp?  Well, just a few new bits and pieces, adding a bit of colour here and there, can give any room a real lift.

Having been off work now for a few too many weeks (I work in education and have pretty much the whole of the summer at home, lucky me eh?),  I’m starting to get a little restless and am clearly beginning to miss the structure of the working week.  I’ve met with friends, spent time with family, had some lovely days out, done a bit of blogging, baked cakes (and eaten them), read books, relaxed in the garden, I have a long-week end camping/music festival coming up (more about that in a future post no doubt), I’ve caught up with household chores and paperwork… and still have another three weeks to go!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being on holiday, and I know for some it would be their idea of heaven, but six weeks off  work  is just waaay too long for me and my busy head (I quite obviously need to work more than I care to admit!)

Clearly having too much time on my hands, and not enough to occupy my mind, I resort to doing things that really don’t need doing (no, I do not mean things such as ironing underwear and towels, or scrubbing my front door step … yes, really, I know people who do those things - and no offence to them but I'd rather watch paint dry!;-)).  Instead, my quest to fill every hour of every day, leads me to look for little, and what I like to call creative, projects around the home and garden, spending money on things I don’t really need or even particularly want! In the process, I irritate my whole family, who are not fortunate enough to be off work at the moment, are exhausted at the end of their day, and are most certainly not in the mood to hear about my latest and, no doubt in their opinion, fairly pointless ideas... which on this occasion happened to be “introducing a little Teal to our décor”.  Yes, I hear their groans, and understand their lack of enthusiasm, but usually go ahead and implement my little projects regardless.

So, having recently taken to the shade of Teal, and having been strangely inspired by the cover of my husband’s ‘Ukulele Crazy’ book, which sits on the table in our lounge, I went off in search of a few other co-ordinating bits and pieces to vamp up my home décor a little.

Both the style and colour scheme of my home is somewhat eclectic (in other words I can’t make my mind up about anything, so just have a bit of everything going on). I think it works though, and it means I’m not stuck with any particular style or colour, allowing a bit of freedom to play around, and add a bit of interest when I start to get bored of my surroundings (which is fairly often!).

If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll have realised by now that I just love a bargain, and feel a tad cheated if I pay much more than a tenner on any single item (home or wardrobe!).  Well, perhaps that's a slight exaggeration, but I am a firm believer that you can usually achieve the desired effect without spending a fortune (again, I'm talking home or wardrobe). In fact a favourite pastime of mine is to browse the more expensive shops for ideas and inspiration, and then take myself off to the bargain stores and charity shops in search of cheaper alternatives... and I'm not usually disappointed!

Anyhow, here's what I found in my local B&M Bargain Store... inspiration courtesy of a book cover, and a few much larger, much more expensive retailers, which shall remain nameless ;-)

Large wooden Teal heart (£1 in sale) - I 'layered' this with a rattan heart I already had and a bit of ribbon before hanging it on the wall... pretty!
Teal and Mink cushion covers (ones either side of large central cushions), £2.49 each
Small sweetie jar (which I just had to fill with sweeties... obviously!), £1.50
Set of 3 small 'motto' hearts, £2.50, which I've hung on the wall to co-ordinate with my sweetie jar, and a rather cute little Schnauzer card I have! - see below.

And... the original and unlikely source of  'inspiration'

So, there we have it, a little Teal 'introduced' to my decor (at very little cost), which has definitely added a bit of oomph and freshened up 'the look'.

It's also served to keep me occupied for another day or two, and has gently scratched my recurring creative itch...
 'til next time!

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