Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A 'Grand!' Sunday Morning in Leeds

If you've been anywhere near Leeds City Centre lately, and didn't visit the
'Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom'... 
Well, you simply don't know what you missed. 

My husband Neil and I have recently started this thing we call 'Coffee Club'.  Coffee Club takes place whenever we have a free and easy weekend, and involves taking ourselves off into the fabulous city centre of Leeds (or suburbs thereof), in search of a new independent tearoom or coffee shop to try out.

I don't know about you, but rarely do we sit down at home and savour our weekend morning cuppa over a bit of good old face-to-face conversation (remember that?!).  It's usually a case of grabbing a quick sip in between sorting the laundry, loading the dishwasher, plumping up the cushions, or something else which is, in the 'grand' scheme of things, equally trivial, tedious and totally uninteresting! What's more, Coffee Club's not limited to just the two of us. If family and friends happen to be free and fancy joining us, well they're more than welcome... the more the merrier. However, note here to friends and family... I'm afraid the drinks are NOT all on us!

So, one Sunday morning, a few weeks ago we discovered 'Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom' which is located in the Grand Arcade, New Briggate, Leeds, and decided this would be the perfect venue for our next Coffee Club. Three generations of family were joining us this time (aged 21-83) and we were sure that everyone would love it.  It's probably also worth mentioning that, although not relevant for us any longer (our brood all being taller, wiser and better behaved than their parents these days), we couldn't help but notice just how child friendly this place is too.

We were not disappointed with our choice.  This tearoom is, in a word 'delightful'. The 'oldies' among us were intoxicated with nostalgia ('oooh, we used to have one of those, do you remember?' being uttered more than once).  However, if 'drunk' is the desired effect, you don't have to rely on the nostalgia as this wonderful tearoom is also fully licensed.

The food and drink (great menu including breakfasts and afternoon teas), as well as service, and impressive attention to detail, are all second to none. From the delightful tableware, and deliciousness of home made cakes and scones, to the superb collection of vintage object d'art and furniture pieces - not to mention the fantastic sounds of 50s vinyl playing in the background. 

There's also the option to go 'al fresco'.  Well, strictly speaking not quite 'in the open air' as Just Grand! is located within a covered arcade.  However, it does still get a little chilly after a while if you opt for the 'outside' seating.  Fear not though... yet another delightful touch is the complimentary provision of hot water bottles (complete with crocheted covers), and some charming throws to match, which can be used to cover your lap or shoulders whilst enjoying afternoon tea,  all so very cute!

We loved this place so much, we went back last weekend for more of the same, and enjoyed ourselves every bit as much as the first time.  Evidently though, many others are discovering the joy of 'Just Grand!' and the place was absolutely heaving! Luckily we timed it just right and landed ourselves a cosy table for four, however for many others who were keen to sample the delights of this wonderful tearoom the answer was 'sorry, no room at the inn!'.  Lesson learned from observing the disappointment of those turned away, is that we will certainly be booking next time to avoid possible disappointment.  Looks like you might have to extend pretty soon Just Grand!

Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom also caters for special celebrations and parties.

Why not visit their website www.fun-keyfunctions.co.uk, and check them out on facebook,

I would highly recommend that you do.


PS: Apart from Just Grand!, the Grand Arcade, Leeds, with its variety of delightfully individual and quirky shops and bars, not to mention the famous Grand Arcade Clock, is well worth a visit if you just so happen to be in Leeds.

'Just' how many teapots does one need?!
Some fab furniture pieces and objet d'art
lovely vintage style table accessories
'Hog and Hen' ham in the middle, poached egg on top (finished off with a bit of melted cheese) yummy!
Doesn't everyone enjoy a bit of hot crumpet?!
One lump or two?
'Just' charming
Meanwhile back in the 50s
Great loo!  Would've felt waay too weird taking photos of the inside though. Sorry, you'll have to check that one out for yourselves
Delightful attention to 'vintage' detail
Hang up your hat!
Neil, waiting for the famous Grand Arcade clock to chime
Lovely 'al fresco' option
Famous Grand Arcade Clock

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