Saturday, 31 October 2015

Autumnal Tonic

What with the long, hazy days of summer now only a dim and distant memory, and with the stresses and strains of the working week beginning to take their toll, I decided that a long overdue pick-me-up was very much needed.

I can’t think of a better way to escape the madness of the modern world, and put into perspective any worries or anxieties, than to take a little time to appreciate the infinite beauty our countryside has to offer – especially at this time of year.  So, with our beloved old motorhome Billy packed up and ready to go my hubby Neil, adorable pooch Alife and I headed off, excited at the prospect of soaking up the natural splendours of the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria.

After setting up camp in the charming little village of Dent, and of course having refreshed ourselves with a good old brew  (for me, just the sound of the whistling camping kettle is enough to kick-start a relaxed state of mind), it was time to get out there and blow off the cobwebs.  Time seemed to stand still as we walked, and with the beautiful autumn sunshine warming our faces, we became totally engrossed in the gorgeousness around us.  Stunningly warm and rich coloured leaves danced in the breeze, and a near perfect silence was broken only by the tranquil sounds from a nearby stream.  We found ourselves completely surrounded by natural beauty, whichever direction we cast our gaze it was met with breath-taking scenes, so magnificent they looked almost unreal.  Even Alfie seemed to have an extra spring in his step, and a greater-than-before enthusiasm in his tail wag!

Other than exploring our breath-taking surroundings and enjoying the refreshing autumn breeze in our hair, we did very little during our two day stay.  We read, drank lots of tea, I did a bit of ‘grown-up’ colouring (a wonderful creative outlet and way to relax), we also had a little wander around the tiny but charming village Heritage Centre.  Unsurprisingly, we spent our evenings sampling the local ales and pub grub, with Alfie loving the cosy heat of a roaring open fire.

It took just forty eight hours, immersed in the natural beauty of the season, to unwind and regain a sense of perspective on life.  Indeed, our little trip to the Yorkshire Dales proved to be just what the doctor ordered... a very relaxing and refreshing Autumnal tonic!

During one of our delightful walks up Dent's fascinating Flintergill, we discovered this poem inscribed on the viewpoint above Dentdale... pretty much sums up the virtues of taking time to appreciate our wonderful countryside!

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